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Texts reminders, information, and encouragement about all things college – college search and application, FAFSA completion, even student loan repayment. Just text COLLEGE to 44044! Edmit helps you make informed decisions when it comes to paying for college - one of the largest purchases you'll make in your life! We tell you what financial aid awards you should expect to… Matches up high school students who have highlighted their interests and attributes with profiles and advice from professionals who have experienced similar life journeys. A comprehensive resource for helping students complete the FAFSA and apply for financial aid. Enables high school students, starting in the 9th grade, to earn “micro-scholarships” towards college based on their individual achievements and progress toward graduation. Enables high school students to find answers to questions about college and career from real working professionals. Provides high school students with individualized financial aid estimates direct from colleges and a one-stop search for comparing higher education pricing before they apply to college. Helps students who qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch to get college price estimates without answering detailed financial questions that would require a parent or tax form. Earn points toward rewards for completing activities that help you go to and succeed in college. Find great tools like scholarship search, college matching, school rankings, internships and more. A community with specific information and guidance for first generation college-goers along with inspiration from other students who were first in their family to achieve college. A step by step planning tool for finding colleges, exploring careers, and paying for college. A mobile app that provides community college students with advice, alerts, and rewards to help students stay on track to academic success and graduation. A free and personalized platform matching students to their best fit college and scholarship opportunities. Connects low-income, first-gen, and underrepresented students to colleges where they can succeed, and scholarships to fund their education.